The GrieveTax Process to Grieving Your Property Taxes

At GrieveTax, we believe that real estate taxes should be fairly assessed across the base of tax payers. At times we all should pause and look at what our property is being taxed and question whether we are carrying a disproportionate share of the burden. Sometimes this process results in only a minor reward, if any at all. But in many cases there are significant adjustments that can yield significant savings. In the case of commercial properties, it is probable that there will be an increase in a property's value stemming from the correct taxes being assessed.

We are here to help you understand what is involved in challenging your property tax assessments. While we understand that our local communities need revenue to fund the schools and services that make our communities desirable places to live, we also believe that property taxes should be fairly apportioned among property owners. In our experience though, too many property owners pay more than their fair share of property taxes because assessors have over-estimated their market value. Those high property taxes can become a tremendous financial burden, stifling opportunity and deterring economic growth. All property owners understand that unreasonably high property taxes can seriously affect real estate values.

If you would like our help providing you with a market value on your property for the purpose of pursuing a grievance complain just contact us at 845-401-3899. We take our commitment to our clients seriously.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Eric Bickmann